About Me

Anita Szewczyk, MD is a renowned physician specializing in Medical Oncology and Hematology with special interest in Breast cancer, Gynecological malignancies, Benign Hematology as well as broad range of Hematological Malignancies. 

Her undergraduate education began at McMaster University in Canada where she graduated with Honors in Biology. Subsequently, she completed Medical School at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland and finished her medical education Summa Cum Laude and accepted into the Internal Medicine Residency program in Pennsylvania at Pinnacle Health Hospitals.

After 3 years of internal medical training as a resident she was accepted into Hematology and Oncology Fellowship Program at Penn State Hershey Medical Center where she was awarded Chief Fellow in her class.

Currently, she is on staff at Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers in East Phoenix, Arizona, which is established and recognized as one of the best cancer centers in Western United States. 

Dr. Szewczyk is an author of many medical articles and numerous talks where she has educated patients in community about Breast Cancer and it's treatment, sexuality problems related to treatments, as well as nutrition and diet related to prevention of many forms of cancer.

She has maintained her consulting practice in Oncology and Hematology. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, and Hematology.

Her main influencing decision to write this blog was to help her patients navigate in a complex medical information era, where so much depends on what we know and how we decide which internet information is correct and truthful. Internet information is abundant but also very conflicting.

"What should I eat to help me fight my Cancer?"

"Is there any food that can help my immune system?"

"What can I eat to feel better during my treatments?"

"Is there any medical evidence that some cancers can be prevented by healthy nutrition?"

These are the number one questions her patients would ask in her clinic. After hearing them over and over again, the idea about creating website and blog on nutrition and diet related to Cancer was born.

Dr. Szewczyk dedicates this blog to all her patients and their families as a medical resource and guide.

Dr. Szewczyk presently resides in Phoenix area with her family. In a past 3 years Dr. Szewczyk was featured in Phoenix Magazine as “Top Doc”.


  • Board Certified in Medical Oncology 
  • Board Certified in Hematology 
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine 



  • American Society of Clinical Oncology 
  • American Medical Association 



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